Community Guidelines

The Kurdish Project was started as a cultural-educational initiative to introduce the Kurds to American people (and beyond) with collaboration and support from the Kurdish-American community, Bay Area tech entrepreneurs, and other non-profits.

We hope to create a deeper understanding of the Kurdish people, setting the stage for a longer-term engagement with the region and a peaceful future for the Middle East.

We support free speech, and intend for our channels to serve as a platform for discussion and free speech. Different opinions and perspectives are welcome.

We encourage our growing community to:

  • Keep it civil and mature.
  • Respect all ethnicities’ history, people and culture.

However, we will NOT tolerate:

  • Bigotry, discrimination, racism, sexism or hatred.
  • Personal attacks of any kind.
  • Spam or internet trolls.
  • Promotion of any kind of violence, terrorism or genocidal content.

Any user-submitted content that does not follow these guidelines will be subject for deletion.

Thank you for your participation in our project. We look forward to building compassion through news, education and people, and working towards a bright, peaceful future.