Our Mission

The Kurdish Project was co-created by Farhad “Fred” Khosravi, a Kurdish-American entrepreneur, and Media Cause, a nonprofit digital agency, as a cultural-education initiative to raise awareness in Western culture of Kurdish people. In addition to highlighting Kurdish culture and personal stories about Kurds and Kurdistan, we have recently begun giving grants to Kurdish cultural initiatives. The Kurdish Project is currently exploring the expansion of this initiative into a more formal grant program for Kurdish cultural projects, including awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, films, events, and more.

While the publicity around Kurdish people (commonly referred to as Kurds) has increased appreciably, most Americans’ knowledge of Kurdish people remains limited. The Kurdish Project aims to close this gap by serving as a gateway for Americans and other nationalities to discover, learn, and connect with Kurdish people. By sharing stories and insights from the region, The Kurdish Project cultivates a better understanding of the people of Kurdistan.

We hope that a deeper understanding of the Kurdish people translates into long-term engagement with the region. In turn, we can begin to see a world where the Middle East can find more stability and peace for its many inhabitants.

The Kurdish Project flourishes through collaboration with the Kurdish-American community, partner nonprofits, and those committed to raising awareness of Kurds worldwide. We welcome participation from anyone who would like to get involved. Please contact us directly if you’d like to collaborate.

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