Kurdistan 101 Videos

The topic of Kurdistan is complex. The Kurdish people have a long history dating back long before the current borders of the Middle East were created. With recent revolutions and ongoing civil wars that continue to change the landscape of the region, the Kurds have found themselves playing an increasingly important role in the Middle East. As the largest boots-on-the-ground army fighting against ISIS and a strategically important ally to the United States, Europe, and the United Nations, the Kurds are very relevant in our current landscape.

For the Beginners:

In just 15 minutes you can gain enough knowledge to join in on vitally important dialogue about Kurdistan and the Kurdish people.

Who Are The Kurds?

One of the groups fighting against ISIS are the Kurds. They’re starting to become a force to be reckoned with. Who are they and what do they want in Iraq?

Female Fighters of Kurdistan

Come along with Vice to Northern Iraq for to visit a group of female guerrillas of the Kurdish Liberation Movement.

Council on Foreign Relations: Time of the Kurds

This short video is the introduction of a bigger multimedia presentation by the Council on Foreign Relations.

U.S. Congress Talks About Kurdish Independence

United States House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committees talk about Kurdistan Independence.

For the Informed:

Spend an hour learning about some of the latest developments in Kurdistan and you can officially call yourself informed on the topic.

BBC Our World – Rojava : Syria’s Secret Revolution

Is the Middle East’s newest country a territory called “Rojava”? Out of the chaos of Syria’s civil war, mainly Kurdish leftists have forged an egalitarian, multi-ethnic mini-state run on communal lines.

Kurds Female Fighters in Battle

Kurdish female fighters have been recognized for their bravery in battle. Watch this video to learn more about these courageous women who fight for their homeland.

20,000 Yazidi & Christians rescued by Kurdish Fighters

In this video you can see the moment female and male Kurdish forces from all four parts of Kurdistan rescue more than 20,000 people from the Sinjar mountains.

Iraq’s Crisis and the KRG

Members of an official delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) addressed the crisis in Iraq and its repercussions for the KRG. Watch this video to hear about Kurdistan directly from the Kurdish Regional Government.

For the Overachievers:

For those looking for the deepest level of insights and understanding about Kurdistan and the current events shaping the region we recommend the following.


The UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee published their 74 page policy document on The Kurdistan Region of Iraq on January 13, 2015.


The Kurdish Regional Government published this 50 page vision of the future. Explore to learn about the plans for regions and the goals for the people.



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