Kurdish Nonprofits

Rwanga Foundation completes new primary school in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Rwanga Foundation completes a new primary school in Iraqi Kurdistan.

There are many nonprofit organizations working on the ground in the Kurdish region. Some of these organizations are Kurdish nonprofit organizations operating in a local capacity, while others are international NGOs providing aid on behalf of foreign governments and the international community. Many of these organizations accept foreign donations.

Kurdish Nonprofit Organizations

The nonprofit organizations above represent a small number of all the organizations working on the ground in the Kurdish region. This list is meant to help educate our community about the Kurdish region, and provide a resource guide for those looking to learn more and help efforts on the ground in Kurdistan and elsewhere. Representation on this list does not mean that the organization is endorsed by or in partnership with The Kurdish Project.

If you would like to suggest a Kurdish organization to be listed above, please reach out to The Kurdish Project with more information. If you’d like to donate to one of the Kurdish nonprofits above, please visit its respective website.