Famous Kurds

famous kurd masoud barzani with pope

Kurdistan is home to many famous Kurds: politicians, activists, military leaders, humanitarians and artists. Both Kurdish men and women have left their impact on Kurdish history. Kurdish culture has descended from and is intricately intertwined with Persian, Arab and Turkish culture. Many famous Kurds have lived alongside Persians, Arabs and Turks, and have adopted or inherited some of their cultures. Other famous Kurds have risen to fame for strictly protecting their Kurdish heritage.

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From Leyla Zana, to Masoud Barzani, there are hundreds of famous Kurds. Throughout history, these Kurds have stood for individual rights and freedom, in a struggle for self-determination.

The Kurdish Project has documented profiles and short biographies of some of the most prominent Kurds. Learn more about the Kurdish struggle and explore profiles of famous Kurds by clicking on the links to the right.


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