London, United Kingdom


Gulan is a UK registered charity founded in 2008 . Gulan has held festivals in London under the name Runaki, meaning light. It has celebrated the religious diversity of the Kurdistan region. Inspired by the work of its Artistic Director, Della Murad, herself a fashion designer, it has held many fashion shows styled the Colours of Kurdistan. It has promoted knowledge of Kurdistan and its people through a series of exhibitions and lectures by its Creative Director, Richard Wilding. These have highlighted the troubled history of the Kurds and the current conflicts in the region and the refugee crisis engulfing them. In May 2016 it held its first major events in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Gulan aims to help combat the isolation of the Kurdish artistic community, and to further this it organises residencies in Venice for young Kurdish artists to spend time there during the Venice Art Biennale festivals.


To promote what is best in the culture of the Kurdish people. Its objective is to help sustain the sense of Kurdish identity and to preserve the heritage of Kurdistan for the benefit of people of all cultures and identities.