Universities in the Kurdish Regions

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Although there is no unified Kurdistan University system, Iraq and Iran are home to a handful of Kurdish universities.

Kurdish Universities in Iran

The University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj is the largest university in Kordestan province of Iran. The university traces its roots back to 1974, when it began as the “Supreme Training College of Sanandaj,” and offered a math major, only. In 1991, the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology recognized the College as an independent university. Now the university is home to 41 departments across several faculties including Agriculture, Art and Architecture, Engineering, Literature and Social Science.[1]

Kurdish Universities in Iraq

Iraq is home to several Kurdish universities, including the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, the University of Sulaimani, and the University of Duhok.

Kurds spend nearly 16% of their budget on education

Kurds spend nearly 16% of their budget on education

The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, or AUIS, as it is more commonly referred to, was established in 2007 with the aim of reforming higher education in Iraq. Since its inception, it has been dedicated to offering its students a comprehensive liberal arts education. While the teaching methodology in many high schools and universities in the region is based on rote learning, AUIS students are encouraged to think critically and ultimately learn lifelong lessons applicable beyond the classroom.

AUIS is innovative in its teaching methodology, and also in its role in bridging sectarian divides and affiliations. While students at AUIS are known for having different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, they all collaborate effectively on assignments and are encouraged to shed any residual discrimination they might carry against different communities.

The University of Sulaimani (UoS) is a public Kurdish university that was founded in 1968. In 1981, UoS was moved to Erbil by the former Iraqi regime. In 1992, academics and intellectuals re-established the University of Sulaimani in the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah. The University offers eight faculties, including Medical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, and Law. In 2010, there were 24,488 undergraduate students.[2]

The University of Duhok (UoD) was founded in 1992 by the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region to provide a response for higher education needs in the Duhok region. Initially the University comprised of two colleges and 149 students. Today, the University has 17 colleges, over 12,000 undergraduate students (43.61% female) and over 14,000 graduate students (42.1% female).[3]