Kurdish Manifesto

The Kurdish Project

Manifesto of the Kurdish People for the Creation of a Free, Independent and Unified Homeland 1996

Authored by Dr. Merhdad Michael R.S.C. Izady

Justice dictates that all nations are inherently equal and entitled to the same natural rights. That some nations are under the involuntary dominance of others presents an unnatural state and a source of imbalance in the lives of people and nations. Insomuch as voluntary unions are moral, legitimate and a source of prosperity and harmony, forced unions are immoral, illegitimate and harbingers of poverty and strife. Nations have the fundamental and natural right to determine the course of their own future.

We, the Kurdish Nation, observing that all existing unions of the fragments of our Homeland with neighboring states are involuntary, and hence unnatural, immoral and illegitimate, declare them null and void in toto. Whereas no nation seeks nor needs external consent to exercise its fundamental and natural right to self determination, the Kurdish Nation likewise neither seeks nor needs any such alien consent in its exercise.

For this and in order to preserve our pride and dignity, to revitalize and foster our customs and heritage, and to prevent the demise and dissolution of our identity, we the People of Kurdistan undertake to constitute an independent, unified and democratic state to include all of us within its body and to set us free to determine our own destiny. All Kurdish patriots as individuals, and the Nation as a whole, are to implement this right by severing the existing bonds of servitude under alien dominance.

The free state of Kurdistan, formed on the basis of its Provisional Constitution, shall contain the entirety of the Nation’s heritage and include by free choice every and all Kurds, their land, property and inheritance without exception or compromise. No part or parts of the Nation’s patrimony, land or otherwise, shall ever be bartered through negotiation, boundary settlements or other expedients.

Note: In the name of the Kurdish Nation we herein place our mark on this 25th day of Sermawez of the anno hegirae 1375, equal to the 15th day of December of the anno Domini 1996 in order to initiate the strive for a free, independent and unified homeland on our ancestral soil and to assert and preserve our equality with other nations of the world.

Signed and pledged allegiance to by 137 Kurdish intellectuals and patriots. You may add your signature and pledge allegiance to this Manifesto and/or the Provisional Constitution by contacting the KURDISTANICA.

Original composition by, Prof. M. R. Izady, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Kurdistan at Mahabad.