Kurdistan Women Union

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The Kurdistan Women Union (KWU) is part of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) in Iraqi Kurdistan and was founded in 1952. The union advocates for Kurdish women within the KDP and beyond. [1]

While some would say that women in Kurdish society do not have equality in political representation and rights, many argue that the Kurds have a rich history of including women in various military and leadership activities. [2]

Still, many argue that honor killings, domestic violence, and lack of education for women still lead Kurdish societies to resemble their neighbors in terms of women’s rights and opportunities. [3]

KWU Mission

The Union’s mission is to fight oppression and discrimination against Kurdish women. The KWU fights for overall better treatment of Kurdish people from the nation’s that, as well as an end to discrimination against women in the patriarchal Kurdish society.

They offer education, job training, and other livelihood opportunities to empower Kurdish women. A KWU sewing center gives women jobs and training. They also run a health care center that provides basic services for poor families. In addition to these direct services, the union holds old regular gatherings to empower and educate women about their rights within the KDP party and beyond. [4]