Kurdish Community of America (KCA)

kurdish community of america

Kurdish Community of America




Moorhead, Minnesota


The KCA was founded in 2009 in response to the growing need for an organization to help incoming refugees and immigrants assimilate to life in the United States. The KCA has realized that many of its community members have faced barriers in accessing their everyday needs such as low paying jobs, lack of affordable housing, credit problems, and a language barrier.

KCA focuses on helping people overcome the aforementioned barriers as well as Kurdish community development. KCA has partnered with many organizations in the Fargo-Moorhead area to increase awareness of the Kurdish community in the area and to educate people about diversity.


The mission of the KCA is to be a resource center for learning and development. Its goal is to assure the availability of resources to everyone in their community. Its vision is to ensure that all its members achieve DOVES: Development, Opportunity, Voice, Entrepreneurship, Self-Sufficiency.

Programs & Impact:
  • Community Organizing: KCA is helping to provide a space where the community members can come together to resolve issues and build leadership within their community.
  • Small Business: KCA offers tools and resources for community members to open and sustain a small businesses.
  • Higher Education: KCA educates community members about the college enrollment process & provides resources and assistance for financial aid and registration.
  • Employment: KCA helps community members prepare for the workforce through career counseling, interview preparation, resume building, proper dress and skill building.
  • Affordable Housing: KCA helps community members find affordable housing.
  • Kurdish Language Learning: KCA provides educational classes to the Kurdish youth in its community. To help them learn how to read, write and speak in their mother tongue.
  • Income Tax: KCA helps community members to file their income tax returns.
  • Immigration Filing: KCA helps community members file the right forms for their immigration cases.
  • Driver’s License: KCA helps community members to get their driver’s permit and driver’s license.
  • The KCA Center: KCA is working to develop a community center in the near future. The center will enhance business skills, job opportunity, community culture and more under one roof.

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