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Kurdish Institute of Brussels




Brussels, Belgium


The Kurdish Institute of Brussels was established in 1978, and was founded by seven Kurds in collaboration with several friends from both the Flemish region (Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, known as Flanders), and the Wallonian region (French-speaking region of Belgium, known as Wallonia). The Kurdish Institute of Brussels is recognized by both the Flemish and Wallonian Ministries of Culture. They are also recognized by the city of Brussels.

The Kurdish Institute of Belgium is looking for medical doctors for a project in Rojava

The Kurdish Institute of Belgium is looking for medical doctors for a project in Rojava.


Since its creation, the Kurdish Institute of Brussels has tried to be a center for cultural and social development of the Kurdish community in Belgium, and in the Kurdish homeland. At the same time, the Institute is a center for objective dispersion of information in order try to advance the democratic progress of Kurds.

  • Provides research and analysis on Kurdish issues in the various regions of Kurdistan.
  • Holds French, Dutch and Kurdish language courses.
  • Holds monthly conferences on language, literature, culture, the national question, human rights, democracy and the history of the Kurdish people.
  • Sponsors and conducts research about the education of adults, written and oral literature.
  • Publications concerning the Kurdish language, history, national question and the Diaspora.
  • In 2004, the Institute founded a Kurdish cultural centre in Tbilisi, Georgia.