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Erbil, Iraq

Rwanga Foundation completes new primary school in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Rwanga Foundation completes new primary school in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Rwanga Foundation’s mission is to assist the most vulnerable people residing in Kurdistan, Iraq, and in the greater global community. The Rwanga Foundation strives to contribute to the development of the society with special consideration to education, health and environment. The Rwanga Foundation’s aim is to confer a better life and a better future to those who are in extreme need.

rwanga foundation aid delivery to zaeton

Rwanga Foundation helps provide aid delivery to refugees in Zaeton.

  1. Assist the most vulnerable groups in society.
  2. Encourage youth to voluntarily serve communities without caring about self-interest.
  3. Provide immediate assistance and relief to the victims of man-made disasters, such as explosions, communal violence, and forced migration, as well as natural disasters like disease outbreaks, floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes.
  4. Run operations and activities akin to sports, arts, media, music, and community service projects to spread awareness and to build a stronger and better youth.
  5. Help students to complete their education and develop capabilities to improve the overall educational level of the society.
  6. Create better educational opportunities on a global platform for graduate and post-graduate students from the Kurdistan Region in coordination with Ministries of Education and Higher Education.
  7. Raise public awareness to acknowledge the importance of the preservation of the natural resources and implement projects for this purpose.

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