Tennessee Kurdish Community Council

tennessee kurdish community council


Tennessee Kurdish Community Council




Nashville, Tennessee

TKCC delegation meets with KRG

TKCC delegation meets with KRG high representative Bayan Abdul Raham and her staff.


The Kurdish community of Nashville, Tennessee is a very successful one. Numbering close to 15,000 members, it is a very hard-working, productive and responsible part of the Nashville community. It has numerous professionals in the medical field, such as nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. Kurds own many small business, such bakeries, restaurants, car dealerships, construction and home renovations. Today, the youth makes up a very large portion of the Kurdish community; many are high school and university students and will embark on new opportunities and leadership roles within their community.

As a dynamic community, like any other group of people, Nashville’s Kurdish community faces many challenges. These range from teaching English to those which have recently immigrated, to ensuring that the youth of the community do not fall victim to the many urban issues we face as a city. The Tennessee Kurdish Community Council (TKCC) was formed to respond to these challenges, especially those specific to our community.

  • Promote life and welfare of the Kurds towards positive integration into mainstream America.
  • Engage the Kurdish community in American civic responsibilities.
  • Preserve the cultural heritage of the Kurdish people.
  • Work with other communities on issues related to improving the life of refugees and immigrants on both local and national levels.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to unify efforts in the community and avoid duplication in services.
  • Advocate a strong voice for the Kurds locally and nationally.
  • Advance and elevate awareness the Kurdish cause.
  • Educate the general public and the Kurdish community about the Kurds and Kurdistan through educational, cultural, athletic, and artistic programs.

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