Ilam, Iran

ilam province iran

Ilam is a city in Iran, and the capital of the Ilam Province. It is the third largest city in the Kurdish region of Iran. During the 2006 census, its population was measured at 155,289.

Geography and Climate

Ilam lies among the Zagros and Kabir Kuh mountain ranges. Although the city is more than 4,000 ft. above sea level, its climate is affected by the deserts in the west. Statistical data puts the average temperature of Ilam around 85ºF in the summer, and around 40ºF in the winter.


Similar to many of the cities in Iran, architecture in Ilam features both traditional and modern styles. Despite its location in the mountains of Iran, the city has experienced a population boom, which may have contributed to aspects of its modern architectural design.

Traditional architecture in Ilam can be seen at three primary locations: the Governor’s Castle, Falahaty Mansion, and the Mirgholam Castle. All three are typical of Iranian courtyard dwellings, which lends itself to the climate. The courtyards generally feature gardens, providing shade from the heat, while also providing the surrounding buildings with maximum ventilation.

Medical University of Ilam (IUMS)

Ilam is home to the Medical University of Ilam, also known as the Ilam University of Medical Sciences (IUMS). IUMS is a university and medical center providing research, education and healthcare to the surrounding region.

Founded in 1995, the university is associated with the Iran Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. IUMS is home to 11 hospitals and 63 healthcare centers. IUMS is also responsible for publishing the Journal of Basic Research in Medical Sciences (JBRMS). The journal can be found here.

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