Agri Turkey

ishak pasa

Agri Turkey (originally spelled Ağrı, and known in Kurdish as “Qerekose”), is the capital city of the Agri Province in the Kurdish region of Turkey. Agri is also the Turkish name for Mount Ararat, the tallest peak in Turkey, and one of the proclaimed locations where Noah’s Ark came to rest after the “Great Flood.” Theories between religions differ on the resting place of the Ark, and some believe it came to rest in the foothills near Cizre, Turkey.

Agri is near Turkey’s eastern border with Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. In 2012, Agri’s urban population was totalled at over 100,000.

Agri History

Agri sits on a 1,650 meter plateau, a strategic gateway between the east and west. The plateau of Agri was conquered and controlled many times, by the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Mongols, Persians, and Ottomans.

The modern city of Agri was founded by the Ottomans around 1850; its Kurdish name, Qerekose, is a remnant of the original Ottoman name, Karakilise. The region included a large population of Armenians until the Armenian Genocide in 1915.

Today, the main regional economic activity is animal husbandry and agriculture. The region is known for its meat, milk and leather. It also produces sugar and flour. The city of Agri is more industrial and is home to manufacturing centers, textile mills and a wide range of factories.

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