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25 Thousand Families In Need Of Aid In Cizre

The article below was published in the Rojava Report on April 9, 2016. The report was originally compiled by Dicle News Agency (DIHA) and was carried by Özgür Gündem. It has been translated into English below.

With the launch of a new aid campaign to help families suffering from the aftermath of a 79 day state siege in Cizre, 15 thousand families have already received dry food goods over the past two weeks. However 25 thousand families are still in need of various forms of aid, and volunteers with the Rojava Aid and Solidarity Society have emphasized that with every food package sent to the city one family is able to subsist for a week and called for increased aid to reach the city.

Throughout the day the Kurdish-language television channel MedNuce is running special programing as part of the ‘adopt a family’ campaign. Individuals can follow the campaign on social media through the hashtag #KardesAileMednucetv.

Of the 40 thousand families in desperate need of aid, 15 thousand families in the most affected neighborhoods – Cudi, Nur, Yafes and Sur – have already begun to receive some assistance. However the need for further aid – in particular cooking oil, sugar, rice and other dry goods – remains high.

A Call For Solidarity

Mahmut Duru, who works for one of the associations organizing the campaign, has called on solidarity with the people of Cizre and the entire Şırnak province, saying that one packet of food alone was enough to meet the needs of a family for a week.

Individuals can learn more about the campaign at the Rojava Aid and Solidarity Association’s campaigns at its website or follow its work on Facebook and Twitter.

[To read more visit Rojava Report]

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