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Campaign to Save Kanî Bil; Natural Spring in Eastern Kurdistan

save kani bil natural spring in iran kurdistan

A social media campaign has been created to save Kanî Bil, an important natural spring in the Hewraman region of Rojhelat (Eastern) Kurdistan, in western Iran.

The natural spring is at risk of being destroyed by a dam, which is scheduled to be built by the Iranian government.

Biggest Spring in the Region

Kanî Bil (Sorani Kurdish: کانی بڵ) is a natural spring in the Hewraman region of Rojhelat (Eastern) Kurdistan, and is the biggest spring in the region.

The river that is formed by the Kanî Bil fountain is 15 meters long, making it the shortest river in the world.

Cultural Heritage at Risk

Kanî Bil is of very significant cultural value to the Hewrami people and there are many references to it in their culture, identity and literature.

However, the spring is in danger of annihilation because of construction of the “Daryan” dam by the Islamic Republic of Iran, nearby.

Social Campaign

The campaign to save Kanî Bil has started a social media movement across Rojhelat Kurdistan with citizens holding up signs pleading with the Iranian president not to suffocate the culturally and historically important Kurdish spring.

You can stand in solidarity with the people of Rojhelat Kurdistan who are working to save Kanî Bil. Join the campaign by sharing photo of yourself with a message to the President of Iran “Dear President of Iran, save Kanî Bil #SaveKaniBil

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