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Former Miss Middle East expresses passion for Kurdish people, culture

This article originally appeared in Kurdistan 24.

Erbil (Kurdistan 24) – Former Miss Middle East Ahlam Hajji has a “surprise” for her audience in the Kurdistan Region as an expression of her passion for the Kurdish people who she says have left an impression in her life.

Morrocan born Ahlam Hajji, also a journalist, is now busy recording a television program called “Visa,” and filming most episodes in the United States and France.

Ahlam revealed to Kurdistan 24 in an exclusive interview that one of the episodes of  “Visa” would be filmed in the Kurdistan Region.

The star visited Kurdistan for the first time two years ago, and she said the first visit left a lasting impression on her life about the Kurdish people.

She describes the Kurdish people as “generous and hospitable.”

When asked why she thought so, Ahlam, who was born to an Iraqi mother and a Moroccan father, confirmed that she had felt that way from her first visit.

Ahlam lives in Paris, a capital city that has played a role in honing her talent and attachment to beauty and fashion.

For this reason, Ahlam is dedicated and cares about women’s elegance, beauty, and fashion trends.

She was crowned Miss Middle East in 2011 and also Miss Globe in 2016 at an event in Beirut, Lebanon.

When asked about Kurdish women, she said they are characterized by culture and intelligence, and they care about family, adding that Kurdish women have achieved success in many aspects of life.

Like many who visit the Kurdistan Region for the first time, the traditional Kurdish outfit is the first thing that catches their attention, especially women’s dress.

“Kurdish fashion is very close to Moroccan dress,” Ahlam said. “It’s a beautiful and well-dressed costume, and we also have the same thing in Morocco.”

The Moroccan star, who speaks Arabic, French, and English, said Kurdish women have become fashionable and modern.

It was not only the Kurdish outfit which caught Ahlam’s attention but also Kurdish music (songs and dances), especially as she was a guest of honor at two art festivals in Erbil and Sulaimani and prepares to attend a similar festival in Jordan.

The young Moroccan star confirmed to Kurdistan 24 that she is working on an Arabic song which includes some Kurdish words.

“I will sing a Kurdish song because I love the Kurdish people very much,” she said.

Ahlam also provided women with a lot of health tips, including skin care. She also stressed the importance of daily exercise because of its healthy and aesthetic benefits and urged women to drink a lot of water.

Regarding diet, she said those who are looking to stay fit and healthy should not overeat, especially late night dinners. She also advised women to reduce the use of cosmetics as much as possible.

As for plastic surgery, she pointed out that she was not against it and she would do it if necessary. “I have not had any operations because I do not need it, but if I needed it in the future, why not?”

The former beauty queen believes that many women use cosmetics although they do not need it, noting that makeup was only necessary “if the shape and body required surgeries.”

Following her tour of the Kurdistan 24 building, Ahlam said, “I am a fan of Kurdistan 24, which I consider the most prominent channel in Kurdistan.”

Editing by Karzan Sulaivany

This article was originally published in Kurdistan 24.


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