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Kurdish Mobile Games Available on Android

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A Zurich-based app development company called AAAppDEV has published three Kurdish mobile games that offer the gamer a chance to run through Kurdistan and shoot at Islamic State gunmen.

Developed by Kurds

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, a company called AAAppDEV has published three Kurdish mobile games. The titles, Peshmerga Runner, Smash the ISIS, and YPG Shoot Terrorist, are AAppDEV’s effort to make more Kurdish-specific mobile games.

Two of the mobile developers who work for AAAppDEV are friends in their late twenties with Kurdish roots. One of the developers, Attila Akay, said he wanted to use the mobile games to “let people all over the world know about the current events in Kurdistan and how Kurds are fighting for humanity.”

The games feature real Kurdish units, like Iraqi Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces, or Syrian Kurdistan’s People’s Protection Units (YPG). While simple, the games are fun. They also emote a sense of patriotism, with Kurdish flags and music ever present.

Available on Android

The gameplay style ranges from “side-scroll” style to “whack-a-mole” style, and the three games have been downloaded over 15,000 times in total. For the most part, the games’ users are from the Kurdish region, or the Kurdish diaspora, and many of the comments are from foreigners.

If you’re interested in trying these Kurdish mobile games, Peshmerga Runner, Smash the ISISand YPG Shoot Terrorist are all available on Android via the Google Play Store.

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