Kurdish Reaction to the Iran Nuclear Deal

kurds iran nuclear deal

The Iranian Government and several world powers, including the United States, have struck a deal that curbs Iran’s nuclear ambitions in return for a lifting of economic sanctions on Iran. Many experts are debating the outcome for the United States, for Israel, and for others – but how will the nuclear deal affect the Kurds in Iran and the rest of the Kurdish region?

Mixed Reception by Media

Some news outlets are reporting that Kurdistan hopes that the Iran deal with promote regional peace. Rudaw, the news outlet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), reports that KRG officials have welcomed the deal, quoting President Masoud Barzani saying he hoped for peace to the region and Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani hoping for better economic ties with Tehran.

Other outlets are reporting that the Iran nuclear deal will hurt the Kurds. Al Jazeera claims that after the deal, Kurds should be more concerned about Iran.

Rudaw also reported that Kurds in the Kurdish region of Iran could be hurt by the nuclear deal, because now that they have a deal with the West, Iran will no longer feel the need to protect human rights in the region.

Reaction from Experts and Officials

Shahed Alevi, a writer and activist based in Washington DC, said he was both joyous and cynical over the Iran nuclear deal. “The good side of the deal is that the increasing economic pressure on Kurds — who are among the poorest in Iran — will be reduced,” he said. “This doesn’t mean they will be wealthy now, but the speed with which they were getting poorer will decrease.”

Many Kurdish leaders have reacted positively to the deal, expressing hopes for future stability and peace in the Middle East. KRG spokseman, Falah Mustafa tweeted this:


[Read more at Rudaw]

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