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PM Barzani Confirms KRG’s Commitment to Bring Peace to the Region After ISIS

The following article was originally published in Rudaw on October 17th, 2016.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani has called on the world to develop a political solution for after the defeat of ISIS, one that will ensure such a terrorist group cannot emerge again. He has offered the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) commitment to bringing peace to the region in a message on the launch of the Mosul offensive on Monday.

Barzani described the operation as a “very important event for the world, because it’s the beginning of the liberation of the most important place of the Islamic State terrorists that made the city their center for planning attacks on the region and the world.”

“The presence of ISIS in this important city of Iraq and the region attracted extremists to join ISIS.”

He commended the Kurdish forces who are fighting ISIS on behalf of the world. “The Peshmerga are proud that they have become the protectors of all the people of the region and have also become the fighters protecting the freedom of the whole world.”

“The Kurdistan Presidency and Kurdistan Regional Government coordinated and agreed with the Iraqi government to make the Mosul operation successful,” he added. “The Kurdistan Region fully did its job as part of the global coalition against ISIS.”

“The KRG has ensured facilitation for all the international organizations, international and local media teams to cover the world’s war against the terrorist organization ISIS.”

The security of every nation in the world is linked, Barzani said. “The emergence of ISIS in Iraq and Syria became a threat for the whole world. It is no longer the case that the threat from these organizations is limited to some countries. Therefore the countries of the region and the international community, in order to destroy ISIS completely and destroy the environment that could lead to the creation of a similar organization, should think of a radical solution to the problems of these areas. Their problems are the foundation and environment that allows the emergence of these organizations.”

The world should thoughtfully develop a political solution for post-ISIS, and the “KRG is ready to play a strong role in bringing a peaceful solution to the region.”

The KRG is struggling to provide for the needs of more than two million Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs, a 32% increase in the Kurdistan Region’s population, with insufficient support, Barzani added.

Read the article above in Rudaw.

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