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Kurdish Political Parties in Turkey Call for Election Monitoring


The June 7th elections in Turkey are right around the corner, and pro-Kurdish political parties in Turkey, most notably the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), are renewing calls for a free and fair election process.

Election Monitoring Committee

The HDP held a press conference yesterday in which they called for an independent election monitoring committee that would help ensure transparency with the upcoming elections in Turkey.

While the HDP’s call for a free and fair election is necessary for the democratic process, it is also an appeal to Kurds and Turks alike, who want more insight into the election process.

Renewed Calls for Peace

With the election drawing near, the Kurdish HDP has been broadening its base of supporters. One method is by calling for continued reconciliation between the Turkish government and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), a peace process that has been ongoing for several years now.

The HDP is also appealing to Christians and other minority groups in Turkey, in an attempt to recruit the 10% voter threshold necessary for the HDP to be given its own representation in the Turkish Parliament.

Pro-Kurdish Political Parties in Turkey

The HDP, one of the most active pro-Kurdish political parties in Turkey, recently stepped into the limelight when it declared that it would be seeking 10% of the national vote in the upcoming elections.

The HDP believes that by holding its own seats in Turkey’s Parliament, they will be able to galvanize the PKK-Ankara peace process, stand up for Kurdish and other minority groups’ rights, as well as secure the future of democracy in Turkey.

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