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Thousands of Syrians Rally for New Federal System

The article below was originally published by AHNA on March 30, 2016.

On March 30, 2016, thousands of Qamishlo residents rallied in support of federalism, calling it the only solution for Syria’s problems.

Protesting Exclusion of Kurds

Following TEV-DEM’s (Movement for Democratic Society) call, thousands of Qamishlo residents from different ethnic and religious minorities took on streets and condemned De Mistura’s document excluding Kurds from Syria’s future.

Protestors gathered in the March 21st Square in Antariya neighborhood of Qamishlo. They held placards with slogans such as “Geneva Peace Talks Will Fail without Representatives of Rojava’s Revolution” and “Federalism Is Peoples’ Will”.

Protesters who included representatives from the Democratic Self-Management and the civil society organizations moved to the House of People in the same neighborhood.

At the end of the protest, Feyroushah Ramadan read a statement. Ramadan said that Kurds were excluded from the Geneva Peace Talks because of Turkey and some Gulf countries. He criticized those countries for trying to run the Geneva Conference according to their own interests, and counted it as the reason for its failure.

Ramziya Maliyah, the Head of the Financial Committee of the Democratic Self-Management, also gave a speech, lashing out at Turkish and Gulf countries’ anti-Kurdish plans. She said that those countries were trying to re-establish a centralized system in Turkey, but they would never succeed. She also added that peoples of Rojava and all Syria wanted a federal system because it was the only system genuinely representing their will.

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