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2015 Kurdistan Facts Released in ‘Special Report’

A special report featuring Iraqi Kurdistan facts and figures has been released. The report, published by the Invest in Group (IIG) includes nearly 100 statistics, and includes financial information from 10 sectors including economy, health, education, tourism and more.

Figures About Iraqi Kurdistan

The special report brings together stories from both the public and private sector in Iraqi Kurdistan, and paints a picture of a vibrant region working to increase its standing in the international community. Did you know:

  • 90% of Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan have mobile phones.
  • Unemployment rate is 10% (4.6% for men; 12.6% for women).
  • There are 12 private universities and 12 public universities in Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • 12,000 students are enrolling in private Kurdish universities, every year.
  • There are 101 hospitals in Iraqi Kurdistan, including 42 private hospitals.
  • There are 27 airlines that fly into Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • 1.2 million passengers flew into Erbil International Airport in 2013.

Foreign Direct Investment Growing

The Invest in Group (IIG) is a premium publishing, research and consultancy company that produces semi-annual country reviews, sector specific reports, city guides and more. The special report on Iraqi Kurdistan indicates that foreign investment is increasing in the region. For example:

  • Iraqi Kurdistan exported 34.5 million barrels of Kurdish oil in 2014, roughly 94,500 barrels per day. This puts Iraqi Kurdistan in between Italy (106,000 barrels per day) and Pakistan (81,000 barrels per day).
  • Foreign and local investors contributed $927 million to the Kurdish health sector since 2006.
  • $13.7 billion has been invested in Kurdish real estate and construction since 2006.

To review the Kurdistan facts and figures published by IIG, visit their website. The full report can be viewed and downloaded below. 

Kurdistan Review Download

[Click here to download the Kurdistan Review]

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