Kurdish Women

700 Arrested in Mahabad By Iranian Intelligence

Uprisings in Mahabad began last weekend, when a Kurdish woman, Farinaz Xosrowani committed suicide from the fourth floor of a hotel to escape a rape by an Iranian Intelligence agent.

700 Arrested by Iranian Intelligence

The civil unrest in the Iranian Kurdistan region continued throughout the weekend, and into this week. In response, Iranian Intelligence has arrested or summoned more than 700 people for questioning. According to reports, many of the detainees have been transferred from Mahabad to different cities or districts.

The Iranian regime is known to use violent methods to quell uprisings, and some of the detainees were arrested while in hospitals getting treated for gunshot wounds, which were sustained during the uprisings.

Allegedly the Xosrowani committed suicide after an Iranian Intelligence agent tried to abused her after colluding with the hotel owner in exchange for a 5-Star rating for the hotel.

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