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Amidst Rubble, Kurdish Couple Weds in Kobani

After the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group attacked the town in July 2014, Kobani has been the scene of fleeing civilians, urban warfare and U.S.-led coalition airstrikes.

Last week, however, Kobani was the scene of a much happier occasion, as a young Kurdish couple was married among the ruins of their former hometown.

Symbol of Kurdish Resistance

Kobani, a town in northern Syria (also known as Ayn al-Arab), was brought to international attention when it fell under the siege of ISIS terrorists in July 2014.

Over the next six months, the town faced intense urban warfare between Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and ISIS terrorists. Kurdish forces from throughout the Kurdish region joined the fight, including the Kurdish Peshmerga from Iraq, Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) guerillas from Turkey, and even Kurdish fighters from Iran.

© Wikimedia

Coalition Airstrike in Kobani © Wikimedia

Eventually, with the help of U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, ISIS retreated from Kobani in January 2015, and the siege was lifted.

Ever since the Kurdish forces defeated ISIS with the help of the United States, Kobani has served as a symbol of the Kurdish struggle and Kurdish resistance against ISIS.

First Marriage Since ISIS Left

The marriage of a young Kurdish couple last week was the first wedding in Kobani since the town was liberated by Kurdish forces in January 2015.

A newly-wed couple in Kobani celebrate after signing their civil marriage certificate.

A newly-wed couple in Kobani celebrate after signing their civil marriage certificate.

The photos from the wedding show the couple posing for pictures among the rubble, and next to mortars that were used less than a year ago.

A groom holds his bride's hand as they pose near a mortar and damaged buildings in Kobani.

A groom holds his bride’s hand as they pose near a mortar and damaged buildings in Kobani.

While scenes of destruction aren’t typically included in wedding photos, the images of love and rebuilding are a welcome scene in the war-torn town of Kobani.

Rebuilding Kobani, Building Rojava

In the wake of its liberation, Kurds have rallied around Kobani, and have worked to rebuild the town. The town is part of the system of autonomous self-government known as Rojava, or TEV-DEM.

Established by the Kurds, Rojava is an inclusive democratic society that was established to give representative government to the northern parts of Syria.

In May, a group of Kurdish students in Suruç, across the Turkish-Syrian border from Kobani, were preparing a trip to rebuild Kobani, when a suicide bomb exploded, killing more than 30.

Despite setbacks, Kurds are moving forward to rebuild and repopulate the town, one wedding at a time.

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