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Kurdish Women Fighting ISIS to Avenge the Women They Enslaved and Killed

Kurdish women fighting ISIS

The following video was originally published by AJ+ in May of 2016.

These Kurdish women are fighting ISIS to avenge the Iraqi women who have been raped, beaten, enslaved, and killed at the hands of the so-called Islamic group. They are part of the highly effective peshmerga forces, which has been holding ISIS back in northern Iraq.

According to Commander Haseba Nauzad,

We saw them acting in an extremely criminal way. They were harming people, they were killing people. They were beheading, and they forced the girls to perform sexual acts. Therefore as a Kurdish girl I saw they were raping my Kurdish sisters. I couldn’t accept this injustice.

The commander’s 30-women unit is made up of Yazidi and Kurdish women from Iraq and Syria.

Watch the full video below and share your reactions in the Comments section.

Watch the video of Kurdish women fighting ISIS on AJ+.

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