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Map of ISIS Losses and Kurdish Gains in Syria

map of ISIS losses

The consulting and risk analysis firm, Information Handling Service, more commonly known as IHS, recently published a map of ISIS, showing the territorial losses that the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group has suffered in the Kurdish region of Syria since the beginning of June.

The map also shows the massive gains that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have made in the same time frame, thanks, in part, to cooperation between the Kurdish YPG and US-led coalition airstrikes.

Map of ISIS Losses in Syria

The map below (which you can click on to expand), clearly shows the large portion of territory that the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group controls in Syria. In June, the Islamic State has succeeded in gaining territory in two areas, one near Aleppo in the West, and the other, near Hasakah in the East.

The map also shows, in red, the area between the two “cantons,” or districts of Rojava, that has been liberated from ISIS control. These gains by the Kurdish YPG effectively unite Qamishli Canton and Kobane Canton.

map of ISIS losses

Rojava: A Beacon of Hope

Rojava, or Western Kurdistan, is one of two Kurdish front lines in the war against the self-declared Islamic State. The Kurdish region is attracting a lot of attention for its liberation of Kobane, as well as the Kurdish democratic system that is emerging in an otherwise chaotic region.

Rojava is made up of three cantons: Afrin in the West, Kobane in the center, and Cizre in the East. Militias and politicians from the three cantons have partnered with many local and international players to counter the negative effects of the Islamic State terrorist group.

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