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Upcoming PBS Documentary on the Kurds: Escaping ISIS


Before ISIS overran his town in Iraqi Kurdistan, Khalil al-Dakhi was a lawyer. Now he is leading an underground railroad helping religious minorities, women and children who are escaping ISIS.

Next week, FRONTLINE will screen a documentary titled, “Escaping ISIS. The documentary will bring the viewer inside life under ISIS rule, and will show the efforts of al-Dakhi’s underground railroad.

The documentary will be screened on PBS, and will feature several months of exclusive footage and interviews from Iraqi Kurdistan, and the Kurdish regions of Syria, where ISIS controls large swaths of land.

Filming Escaping ISIS

FRONTLINE’s Edward Watts spent two months in Turkey, using undercover footage to piece together an image of life under ISIS rule. What he found was a deplorable way of life — one where religious minorities, such as the Yazidis, are treated inhumanely.

Escaping ISIS will be screened next Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 10pm EST on most PBS stations. You can watch the preview below.

If you miss the screening on July 14th, the documentary will be available, for free, online at

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