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Yezidi Woman Nominated for Nobel Prize

A Yezidi woman from Iraqi Kurdistan has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Nadia Murad, a survivor of ISIS captivity, was nominated earlier this month by the Iraqi Government.

Nobel Peace Prize nominations are due by early spring, and the Nobel Committee will make a selection this fall.

Survivor of ISIS

Nadia Murad was one of thousands of Yezidi women who were kidnapped by the Islamic State. Upon escaping, Murad has been one of the most outspoken voices condemning the terrorist group.

Most recently, Murad spoke before the United Nations’ Security Council, encouraging the international community to act against the terrorists.

Nominated by Iraqi Government

A statement from the Iraqi government said: “We are very proud of nominating this Iraqi girl to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and we ask the public opinion and associated organisations to support her because she deserves to win.”

The statement continued, “Nadia talked about the plight of Yazidi women abducted by Isis, and she asked the international community to rescue a number of 3,400 Yazidi girls and women from the hands of Isis. She is the symbol of women’s struggle against the dark forces aiming to degrade women.”

Inspired by a Facebook Campaign

Meanwhile, Hiwa Osman, a Kurdish journalist, started a social media campaign in support of Murad winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The Facebook page “NobelPrize4Nadia” gained over 5,000 likes and the hashtag #NobelPrize4Nadia soon brought together hundreds of supporters.

On 28 December, Osman tweeted that if Murad won the Nobel Peace Prize, it would be humanity’s “best slap on the face” to ISIS militants.

[To read more, visit IBTimes]

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