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Follow Kurdish Female Fighters Through A Day in Syria

kurdish female fighters video ypj

In the video below, filmmaker and journalist Rozh Ahmed follows the Kurdish female fighters of the Sehid Warsin Brigade of the YPJ as they tell their stories, share their experiences, and explain why they joined and what they fight for in this women-only militia amid the civil war in Syria.

YPJ Kurdish Female Fighters: A Day In Syria

by Rozh Ahmed

The “Yekineyen Parastina Jin” or Women’s Protection Units (also known as YPJ) is a group of Kurdish female fighters defending the Syrian Kurdish regions against the advance of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIL.

The YPJ is responsible for defending the frontlines of Syrian Rojava, or Syrian Kurdistan against ISIL, alongside their male counterparts, known as the YPG, or People’s Protection Units. These women are both Christians and Muslims, and are bound together by their determination to secure a safe homeland for the Kurdish people.

Many are young women, most are unmarried, and all have a story to tell. Meet these YPJ fighters, see their lives through their eyes — experience a day in in Syria.

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