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Echoes of Genocide: Remembering the Halabja Genocide at 30 years

The Kurdish Project sponsored the Kurdish Regional Government’s Echoes of Genocide Conference, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Halabja Genocide.

Our Aim

To support awareness for the Halabja genocide as a means to understand the Kurdish struggle for freedom today and to honor the victims and survivors of the Halabja Genocide in order to ensure that these atrocities don’t happen again.

What We Accomplished

The Kurdish Project sponsored the Halabja Genocide Conference, where 200 attendees honored the 30th anniversary of the genocide. Among the speakers were Halabja survivors, a senator, State Department officials, experts and artists who spoke about a wide range of issues, including justice and compensation for the victims, the protection of heritage and culture, and the renewed use of chemical weapons.

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