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YPG Rolls Back ISIS in Al Hasakah

ypg in al hasakah

Fierce fighting by YPG forces in Syrian Kurdistan (also called Rojava), have led so-called Islamic State radicals to retreat from several villages in the countryside of Al Hasakah Province.

Help from US-Led Airstrikes

The YPG released a statement saying that they have been able to intensify military operations in Al Hasakah area thanks the the help and support of US-led coalition airstrikes.

Thier liberation of five key villages, and the hasty retreat of Islamic State forces led to the capture of a “large deal of light and medium weapons along with two armored vehicles.”

Liberating Rojava from ISIS

YPG forces continue to roll back the Islamic State in the Al Hasakah province, which is part of the Cizre canton, one of three cantons that make up the emerging Kurdish democratic region called Rojava.

The unification of Kurdish cantons in Rojava is a step towards autonomy in a civil war that has lasted since 2011.

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