Rome Recognizes Kobani As “Sister City”

Gianluca Peciola Kobani

In early May, the capital of Italy, Rome, recognized Kobani as a “sister city,” citing Kobani’s resistance against evil and its development of a new system of governance.

Recognition to Help Rebuilding

Councillor Gianluca Peciola (pictured above) helped pass proposals by various parties in Rome, motioning for recognition of the Kurdish city of Kobani as a sister city to Rome. The decision was made, in part, so Councillor Gianluca Peciola could commit more resources to helping rebuild Kobani, which he did, at the Kobani Reconstruction Conference, the following weekend in Diyarbakir.

After the conference, Councillor Peciola stated that many in-depth discussions occurred around the topic of reconstruction, and he was looking forward to hosting a second conference on reconstruction in Rome.

Since the conference occurred in early May, talks have already begun between Kurds and Italians in Italy.

Recognizing Rojava

After discussing rebuilding Kobani, Councillor Peciola’s announced his commitment to approaching the Italian Parliament and speaking up for the recognition of the Kurdish governing body of Rojava.

While not recognized by any governments as an official governing body, this would be the first step in creating recognition for an autonomous Kurdish presence in Syria.

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